Tablet Solutions
The need to provide a more personal touch for Guests in
hotels is becoming a necessity and this permeates across the
whole organization at all points of Guest contact. Hence, the
process starts with the Guest makes the first call or the first
booking via the online world and subsequently follows
through with the arrival at the hotel. At this point, Hotels are
now able to provide a personalized check-in service via
The QikPad© solutions allows for the following functionality

This functionality however is being further enhanced over the course of the next many months
based on customer feedback and requirements.

Enhance Your Guest Check-in Experience

With the use of the QikPad© system, you are able to check
in your guest from any location, such as the airport, in the
limo, the lobby or even in the room. When the QikPad©
system is started on the tablet device, the system will
automatically synchronize the arrivals for the day onto the
tablet’s memory and subsequently, do this on a periodic
basis. In this manner, any changes to reservations records,
new reservations, etc. can be updated accordingly.
The screen on the left is an example of today’s arrivals who
have yet to check-in.
Arrivals List




The QikPad© system is able to display the registration card on the screen for the Guest to verify and
sign. During this process, the additional features which are available for the hotel to use are:
 Guest picture capture
 Document capture such as passport

With the interface to the Hotel’s PMS system, the QikPad© system can notify the PMS of a
successful check-in and then stores the Registration card and Document in a PDF format attached to
the Guest booking within the QikPad© system. This information may be retrieved or printed at any
time by the hotel if required. This process not only enhances the guest experience but also goes
towards contributing to the green initiative for hotels by saving unnecessary paper usage!
Registration Card and Document Capture

Enhance Your Guest Check-out Experience

For personalized check-out, the Guest need not even come to the Front Desk but instead can be
attended to by a staff member in any location. In the check-out process, the Guest is able to view
the folio on the QikPad© tablet and then confirm the balance and sign! This information will then be
passed to the PMS system for finalization and check-out.

Upon check-out, the folio could be printed onto a network printer in the hotel or alternatively,
emailed to the Guest, which is a planned enhancement for QikPad©


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