POS Backend Systems with state of art data reporting prospective will allow you to forecast business volumes which provides managers and owners the information they require to fine tune scheduling and prevent needless labor costs. Attendance and time can be faithfully monitored. It’s easy for managers to see problems quickly and make immediate decisions to unexpected discrepancies in cash flow and regulate inventory levels. POS Backend Systems quickly and easily allows making menu and pricing changes, regulating inventory levels, ability to run reports at one central location, which is from the Back office, operating your business efficiently and profitability.

POS Modules

Membership System provides general log-in functionality for members and guests for bars, clubs and theme parks.
Inventory Control System gives inventory control for daily business operation to assure profitable outcome.
Recipe Costing System offers a recipe guides and food preparation such as costing and measurement.
Invoicing System furnished programmed billing document easily issued by seller to buyer.
Purchase Order System handles record a request supplies for payment with specifications and quantities.
ENT/OC Billing performs a distinct function to set credit limits discounts for eligible.


HOW IT WORKS? Setting up Data Entries and Parameters of Backend POS System.



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